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Ocean Plastic Machinery is the technologically innovative company, with many years of expertise in the manufacturing of the plastic extrusions machinery based in India, OCEAN is one of the largest manufactures of the plastic processing extrusions machinery PP / HDPE Monofilaments Plant, PP Film Plant, TQ Film Plant, PP / TQ Film Plant, Mono Layer Blown Film Plant, HDPE Mono Layer Blown Film Plant, LDPE Mono Layer Blown Film Plant, HM / HDPE / LDPE / LLDPE Mono layer Blown Film Plant, Extrusion Coating Lamination Plant, Extrusion Lamination Plant, Synthetic String Plant, Synthetic Sutli Plant, Synthetic String / Sutli Plant, PP Box Straping Line, HDPE Box Straping Line, PET Box Straping Line, Multilayer Blown Film Plant, Raffia Tape Line, Air Bubble Sheet Plant, Reprocess Plant, PET Reprocess Plant, PP Monofilaments Plant, HM Mono Layer Blown Film Plant, Film Plant, LLDPE Mono Layer Blown Film Plant, Coating Lamination Plant, PPTQ Blown Film Plant, Box Straping Line, Monofilaments Plant, HDPE Monofilaments Plant.
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